From Consensus to NFT NYC, the past month was filled with opportunities to learn, network, and build relationships. Today, we’re thrilled to share an important milestone in Agoric’s roadmap. On July 1st, 2022, the first 15,000,000 BLD tokens — or 1.5% of the Agoric network — will unlock. In short, unlocked tokens will no longer be restricted and can be freely transferred. This milestone is an important step in the growth of the Agoric ecosystem and marks the beginning of BLD tokens participating in the wider crypto ecosystem.

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Gateway Prague Results

With over 500 conference attendees at Gateway Prague, we hosted 5 workshops with 90 developers in attendance working with Agoric’s hardened JavaScript smart contracts. Dean Tribble also gave a talk on Agoric’s value add to the Cosmos ecosystem, and a mechanic walkthrough of  Inter Protocol and IST with Zaki Manian. Review the soldout Agoric workshops to learn more:

Agoric in the News

Rowland Graus with Jill Malandrino at Consensus 2022

Agoric Director of Product Management Rowland Graus joins Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq TradeTalks at Consensus2022 by CoinDesk to discuss enabling developers to rapidly build safe smart contracts in the most popular programming language, Javascript.

Politico Interview with Chip Morningstar

Politico talked to Chip, Agoric Software Engineer, about building an online social environment when no one else had done it yet, and how today’s metaverse stacks up.

Agoric: Inter Protocol Explained!

Confident in Crypto’s Liam Connor on IST

$IST: New Cosmos Stablecoin Built on Agoric

Details on $IST, which is over-collateralized by certain digital assets, such as ATOM, ETH, or USDC, as determined by the community through governance subject to risk assessment and legal limitations.

Engineering Updates

  • New AMM UI is now running against devnet

  • Liquidation penalties now flow to the Reserve to support the chain

  • Governance control of new Oracle nodes

  • Economic data from the Inter Protocol contracts is now being exposed via on-chain notification.  

  • Econ committee can use the Reserve to balance Vault liquidation shortfalls

  • Code bundles now include hashes that are suitable for verifying the integrity of a contract at install time.

  • Dapps can now prepare for message size limits by publishing directly to the chain and installing with just the contract hash.

Security Updates

  • Launched, which is home to our Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Policy and a place where all of our vulnerability assessment reports will appear when final. 

  • Kicked off an independent vulnerability assessment of Inter Protocol.

  • Accepted into Google’s


    oss-fuzz program


    to continue automated testing efforts to support XS memory safety with Moddable.

  • Continued designing challenges and identifying risks to evaluate during the Econ Stress Test of Inter Protocol on devnet scheduled for June.

  • Continued ongoing enumeration of economic risks and risk management for the Inter Protocol to develop an Inter Protocol Economic Threat Model for publication this summer. 

Upcoming Events

These are upcoming events we’re hosting or participating in:

We’re Hiring!

Come help us bring hardened JavaScript smart contracts and plug-n-play components to DeFi. Details at

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