Pine Street Labs have recently integrated the Agoric BLD staking token and Inter Protocol’s IST stable token into their walletOS product. On the Agoric blockchain, BLD supports governance, staking, and smart contract creation; IST is the native fee token. 

For JavaScript developers, especially those new to blockchain, this partnership provides additional tooling to take the friction out of web3 development. The Agoric platform harnesses the power of JavaScript smart contracts so mainstream application developers can leverage their existing programming tools and skills, making it simpler to use blockchain to solve programming problems.

Now, with walletOS supporting BLD and IST, integrating Agoric's capabilities into applications like wallets, custodians, or Node-as-a-service operations becomes straightforward. The learning curve is significantly reduced, and developers can hit the ground running, bringing their unique blockchain ideas and innovations to life.

Abstracting Away Complexity

For developers building products that manage transactions at a large scale, such as wallets or custodial services, managing the complexity of multiple transaction formats becomes a drain on resources. This is where walletOS steps in, providing a powerful API that simplifies transaction building, indexing, data fetching, and RPC interactions across 25 blockchains, including Agoric. 

With this partnership, products looking to add support for Agoric can spend less time grappling with the intricate specifics of different network transaction formats. Using walletOS, applications that previously only supported EVM-based networks can now easily add Agoric BLD and IST transactions with a straightforward API instead of tedious custom integration work. 

Integrating Agoric into your Application with walletOS

WalletOS introduces key features, including: 

  • Basic wallet operations, such as sending, receiving, and managing BLD or IST

  • BLD Staking functionality so users can participate in securing the Agoric network and earning rewards from the same UI.

  • Easy access to blockchain data within your product around assets and the entire transaction lifecycle.

Developers can seamlessly integrate all of these features for Agoric into their applications, confident that walletOS will handle the underlying complexities. This frees teams up to focus on their application's core functionality, knowing that their blockchain interactions are secure, reliable, and efficiently managed.

Want to learn more about using walletOS to add Agoric into your application? Join us for a Twitter Space conversation with Pine Street Labs on November 14th, 11am ET / 16h UTC, and subscribe to our Developer Newsletter to be the first to register for our upcoming Agoric x Pine Street Labs webinar on November 15th.